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Does starting a Podcast seem daunting?It doesn't have to be. There IS a better and much simpler way.

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Learn Essential Tips On:

  • Setting Priorities

  • Conducting Effective Research

  • Assessing Your Passion for Podcasting

  • Defining Your Purpose

  • Maintaining Motivation

  • Launching Techniques

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DIY Podcast Launch

You can have a professional, popular Show and get thousands of downloads per month with your Podcast AND have a following not only in the USA/Canada, but Europe, Asia, Australia, S. America, Africa and beyond!

Launch Your Podcast in Less Than 30 Days

1:1 Coaching Available

Personal, 1:1 coaching is available to help you launch a professional sounding (and looking) Podcast in less than 30 days, so you can start having influence and impact all around the world...instead of working on launching your new Podcast.

We’ll cover any of the following topics: (You Decide)

  • Niche Market

  • Logo Requirements

  • Platform to Use

  • Distribution Channels

  • Theme Music

  • Episode Content

  • Attracting Guests and Interviewing

  • Equipment to Use

  • Intro/Midroll/Outro Messages

  • Audio Recording/Editing

  • Show Notes

  • Website

  • Promotion

  • Time Commitment

Need Professional Production Tools For Your Podcast?

Whether you’re about to launch, or have already launched your Show, these professional, time-tested tools (the exact ones I use) will help you to take your Podcast to another level.Starting a Podcast is a huge task. There’s a TON of things that you need to work through.But after it’s launched, the production workload to keep it professional and thriving is a different task all together. Simplify your Podcast production with easy to use templates and checklists.

  • Take less time in doing the repetitive tasks with templates and checklists

  • Do guest interviews easier with better preparation

  • Promote your Show better, for yourself and your guests

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If the DIY method looks like it's just too much for you to do for one reason or another, take a look at some other options for an assisted Podcast launch.

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